Auto Staff Time Sheet in Editing Ticket of osTicket v1.6 RC5

This following modification is the continuation of another modification that I created in the article: Adding Auto Staff Time Sheet Feature into osTicket v1.6 RC5. Since I received the feedback from osTicket Discussion Forum that informed me about the SQL error after editing a ticket by staff, then I found that the original one need to be improved. So, here is the additional modification that … [Read more...]

Closed Ticket Alert for All Department Members in osTicket v1.6 ST (Stable)

It does make sense when a ticket is closed by your customer or client, then all department members will be automatically notified by your ticketing system via email. I made the modification to implement this requirement into osTicket v1.6 ST (Stable), including the related setting in order to enable or disable this feature, just in case whether this feature is necessary to be implemented, and … [Read more...]

Adding Attachment on Internal Note in osTicket v1.6 ST (Stable)

Since there are a little bit differences code in /scp/tickets.php file between osTicket v1.6 RC5 and osTicket v1.6 ST (Stable; the last version while I am writing this article), and also there is a new request to me from this post in osTicket Discussion Forums, then this following modification I made to be intended to those of you who want to implement the Attachment on Internal Note in osTicket … [Read more...]

Adding Ticket Aging, Ticket Summary, and Ticket for Staff Report Feature into osTicket v1.6 RC5

I have successfully created a new report feature into osTicket v1.6 RC5 that contains three sub report. They are: 1) Ticket Aging ( 3 and 7 and 14 Days), 2) Ticket Summary (Staff in Charge:, Total Number of Active Tickets:, Total Number of Closed Tickets:, Total Number of Unassigned Tickets: ), and 3) Ticket for Staff (Staff in Charge with the tickets that assigned to them). You will … [Read more...]

How to Overcome the WordWrap Email Issue in osTicket v1.6 RC5

There was an issue regarding email formatting in osTicket v1.6 RC5, which one of them is the wordwrap email. Peter, the developer of osTicket, has released a new patch to fix this problem. You can see the thread regarding this via: Actually, there were two files that you have to be replaced. One is /include/ and the other is … [Read more...]