Three Methods to Avoid Directory-Listing in WordPress

In WordPress, almost plugins that I have used, do not include the index.html or index.php file inside its directory. As default, up to WordPress version 2.8.4 (when I was writing this article), there is no protection to prevent or to avoid directory listing the first time you access your website after you install your WordPress. Thus, you or even your visitor can type such as … [Read more...]

How to Get Current Language Code by Using WPML Plugin of WordPress

I have been using WPML plugin for one of my multi language websites. Once upon a time, I needed to check the current language code in order to execute my own code that I wrote in the sidebar related to the current language. The question is: How did I get that current language code? After do some searching through the author's website, then I found the answer from this following post: WPML … [Read more...]

Comparing Translation Plugin: qTranslate vs WPML

Another WordPress plugin that has functionality for translating the content of your website besides qTranslate is WPML. qTranslate stores all languages alternatives for each post in the same post, whereas WPML manages multilingual posts in one post per language. Translations in WPML are then linked together, indicating that one page is the translation of another. Each of them has the advantages … [Read more...]

How to Translate Your Blog Title and Description Using qTranslate Plugin

Since qTranslate plugin introduced its new feature about QuickTags, now we can translate our field content to another languages so easily. Simply add this language tag [:en] for English translation at the beginning of your English field content, and also add another language tag at the beginning of your field content that contains of the words or sentences in your language. At this moment, I … [Read more...]

How to Get Current Language Code by Using qTranslate Plugin of WordPress

For those of you who are using the qTranslate plugin and need to know how to get the current language code that selected by the visitors so that you can run a particular code that different for each language, then this following code is right for you. I included an example of code usage, for instance, in this case your site uses English and Indonesian languages. Please adjust them with the … [Read more...]

How to Convert Seconds to “Days, Hours:Minutes:Seconds” Format in Visual Basic 6

This following code will give you a complete solution how to convert a Seconds value to a "Days, Hours:Minutes:Seconds" format in Visual Basic 6 (VB6). This will be useful when you want to know how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds from the given Seconds value. For example, you have a record which has value of 175 seconds. So, by using this solution, you will know that this 175 seconds is … [Read more...]