Fixing Ticket Transfer Description in osTicket v1.6 RC5

Not many users pay attention about this little problem in osTicket version 1.6 RC5. What was that? Well, if you transfer a ticket from one department to another department. For example, after you transfer a ticket from Dept. Support to Dept. Billing, then the message that being saved in Internal Note is: "Dept. Transfer: Support to Support", whereas it should be: "Dept. Transfer: Support to … [Read more...]

Displaying Ticket Only for Current User’s Department in osTicket v1.6 RC5

Have you ever wanted to display the tickets only for current staff user's department in osTicket? As we know, the current condition in osTicket until version 1.6 RC5 is when a user display the ticket list from staff panel, then he/she can still see all the tickets that belong to another department. By using this modification, now staff limited can only to see the tickets relevant to their … [Read more...]

Viewing Image Attachment in osTicket v1.6 RC5

I was interested with one of the topic in osTicket Discussion Forum about how to display the image attachment which its extention such as: jpg, gif, png, and bmp directly on the browser, then I made another modification which will automatically detect the URL and the directory name where the attachments file located. This code will work, with assuming: the sub directory for your attachment … [Read more...]

Multiple Attachments for Client-Side of osTicket v1.6 RC5

There are lots of questions and requests that asking about the feature at the title of this article. I successfully made the modification regarding this, and now it works properly in client-side of osTicket v1.6 RC5. First of all, download this file, extract it, there is one file inside named multifile.js, then copy it into your root directory of your osTicket, and also to your \scp\ sub … [Read more...]

New Message Alert for All Department Members in osTicket v1.6 RC5

This following modification is being intended to answer the question on osTicket Discussion Forum that asking about the title of this article. If you want your osTicket also send an alert to all department members when new message comes to the system, then you may use this following modification I created. First of all, you have to alter the ost_config table by adding a new field named … [Read more...]

Limiting Records per Page in Client’s My Ticket Page in osTicket v1.6 RC5

Today I made another modification into osTicket version 1.6 RC5. It was about the page limit or displaying the ticket list page based on the maximum record per page. I wanted the ability for client to choose and also to change how many records per page will be displayed in the My Ticket page. After I modified, then there will be a new selection for page limit upon the ticket list on that page. … [Read more...]