How to Create Breadcrumb Using the Nested Set Data Model in SQL Server

Still remember the similar article I wrote regarding the title of this article? Well, if you want to implement breadcrumb using the SQL Server database, then here is the related Stored Procedures in SQL Server format. This following article will show you the same Stored Procedures in SQL Server instead of using MySQL database. This is very useful if you want to switch your database from MySQL … [Read more...]

How to Create Breadcrumb Using the Nested Set Data Model in MySQL

There are so many articles in the Internet have explained us that the Nested Set Data Model has many advantages (although it is more complex among the others) for handling the Hierarchical Data Model. Some of the advantages of this Nested Set Data Model are: You can create unlimited levels and it only needs one query to get all the related path. Since it only need one query, then it is … [Read more...]

How to Handle Duplicate Records by Deleting and Leaving Only One Record from Each Duplicate Records in MySQL Database

Have you ever got difficulty when handling the duplicate records in a table in MySQL database, where you want to delete the records and pretty leaves one record from each duplicate records? This usually happens in the table who did not have the primary key, so that it can cause to store the duplicate records. The duplicate records are usually obtained from the data import process that was done … [Read more...]

How to Replace the Certain Character in a MySQL Table

Have you ever encountered the strange behavior while you were deleting the certain records from a table in MySQL database using an application you build, which those records cannot be deleted? Well, I have! Today, I encountered this problem. This is so weird, since I have never faced this situation before. Well, after doing some investigations, this problem obviously caused by one of the primary … [Read more...]

How to Change Default Storage Engine When Creating New Table in Wampserver

Wampserver is one of the popular PHP-Apache-MySQL server for Windows operating system. If you want to create your own web server, especially in your local computer, then you should use this software. It is a free software. After using this software for a few years, I have just realized that when we create a new table, then the default storage engine is INNODB instead of MYISAM engine type. So here … [Read more...]

How to Know The Duplicate Records Based on The Same Value in a Field in MySQL Database

Have you ever wanted to know which record has duplicate content based on the same content in a field in MySQL database? This information will be get after you select the records and display them which one have the same content by groupping them by that field. Well, here is the script how you can do that. Suppose we have a table named mytable which has these following records inside: and … [Read more...]