Pods 2.0: How to Display Pods Item using Pods Page and Pods Template

Yesterday I received an email contains the announcement from Scott Kingsley Clark; the lead developer of Pods Framework plugin about the plan of Pods 2.0 release today on my local time September 22, 2012. Yeah, it's been a long time waiting for Pods 2.0, and today it was really here! So excited, eh? After trying to play with it, then here's step by step how to display Pods Item using Pods Page … [Read more...]

Creating a North, West, Center, East, and South Panel using ExtJS BorderLayout

Today I was starting to learn and use ExtJS, a great Javascript Framework product from Sencha. It seems that I will use it very often on my future web development projects. The main reason for this is since ExtJS has the ability to handle the web application layout very smart and beautifully. ExtJS has a BorderLayout, one of the Layouts which will turn your web application layout contains some … [Read more...]

Improving Basic Filter Become Advanced Filter in Pods 1.x

Currently, the Filter Form up to Pods Framework for WordPress plugin version 1.7.3 still uses the basic form. It has one textbox and one button only. In addition, this filter form can only filter the recordset that returned by its process based on the name field. So I made modification/enhancement by adding combobox that contains of all fields from the table in order to make user easier to choose … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Displaying SQL Error Message in Pods 1.x

I have been running Pods Framework for WordPress plugin version 1.7.3 for one of my Pods powered website. So far so good, until I found a SQL error if the pg parameter in URL assigned with invalid value. For example, the proper value should be 1, 2, and so on, then you assign this parameter with non-numerical value, such as aa, etc. The message error that shown up contains of the MySQL Query … [Read more...]

Improving Pagination Feature in Pods 1.x

Today (September 24, 2009) I saw an improvement about Styling the paging feature created by nikos in Pods Discussion Forums. It was an interesting improvement, indeed. Then I applied it on one of my Pods powered websites. I also added the 2 additional links: Previous and Next on the pagination feature, by modifying the pagination_2.php and Pod.class.php file. Again, please note that this … [Read more...]

How to Add Custom Record Number in List Page of Pods 1.x

I just found the way how to add custom record number in the list page PodPages in Pods Framework for WordPress plugin. I optimize the PodPages feature for this purpose by using Bypassing Templates technique. Currently, up to Pods CMS version 1.7.3, you can only use the id field from the table as your record number column. Unfortunately, if you delete one or some of the record(s) from the table, … [Read more...]

Adding PageLimit as Dynamic Param on Filter Form of Pods 1.x

Saturday, September 19, 2009 was the first time I started using Pods CMS plugin for one of my WordPress powered websites. After visitting the official website of Pods Framework for Wordpress, I saw that this plugin is indeed the best one if you want to customize your WordPress website that contains the content that derived from database without having use Post or Page feature in WordPress website. … [Read more...]